Remember To Do These Things After Receiving New Liquid Nitro

The tank you receive is empty. Liquid nitrogen tank containing liquid nitrogen can’t be tilted or inverted during transportation, and cool and ventilated environment is also needed. Express delivery is difficult to guarantee these conditions, so we send empty tanks.

Package of theL container

After receiving the jar, you need to do the following:

  1. CleaningIf floating objects are found in the liquid nitrogen tank, maybe it is the residue left when testing the tank’s quality before shipment. It is recommended to clean it before use. If the tank is clean, not to clean is ok.InspectionCheck whether there are water drops or frost on the tank body of liquid nitrogen tank. It can be directly touched by hand. If the upper part of the tank is cold and the lower part is hot, it means th

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2liter container used for the animal husbandry industry, and deeply loved by customers in Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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