Animal Husbandry

     Liquid nitrogen tanks have been widely used in the animal husbandry market, mainly reflected in the storage of animal semen, the preservation of embryonic cells in the bioengineering industry, and the use of liquid nitrogen to treat the closure of the external orifice of the bovine nipple and the bovine skin tumors.
Artificial insemination technology is an important and practical fast technology for cattle breed improvement. It can not only give full play to the utilization rate of excellent breeding bulls, but also save a lot of investment in purchasing breeding bulls. Dairy cows bred through AI will produce calves with good genetic quality according to the preferences and choices of producers. In addition, artificially inseminated cows calve more prematurely, resulting in an increase in calving interval and weaning weight of cows. Therefore, they are popular with many farmers. The main links are the breeding of bulls, semen collection, semen freezing, packaging and storage of frozen semen, and the use and breeding of frozen semen. In this application, the essential equipment is the liquid nitrogen tank for storing the semen of breeding cattle.

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2liter container used for the animal husbandry industry, and deeply loved by customers in Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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