333333333iter Liquid Nitrogen Container

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  • The outer shell and inner vessel are made of the aluminum alloy plate featuring light weight, high cryogenic strength and corrosion resistance.
  • The neck tube is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics featuring of high mechanical strength and low heat conductivity.
  • The multi-layer insulation is composed of the reflecting screen of aluminum foils with high reflectivity and insulation material with low heat conductivity and low gas-passing speed to reduce heat radiation.
  • The jacket between the outer shell and inner vessel is of high vacuum to prevent thermal convection. Moreover, an adsorbent with a high adsorbing capacity at the cryogenic temperature is used to ensure the long-term stable and reliable performance of the dewar with more than five-year life service.
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    2liter container used for the animal husbandry industry, and deeply loved by customers in Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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