Xinxiang Zhongpanxin Industry Co.Ltd. is mainly specialized in manufacturing liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen freezer, liquid level gauge, liquid level monitor, livestock husbandry tools for almost two decades. Our factory covers an area of 3000 Square meters, has more than 10 vacuum production lines, 3 assembly lines, a professional R&D team, inspection equipment and advanced techniques. We are a modern enterprise of production, sales, after-sales and one-stop service. Our Products are used in livestock breeding for lab, food, cattle farming, vets, medical, air condition, cryothorapy, chemical (for sample, cells organ and semen storage), biological engineering, industrial cooling assembly, cryogenic treatment of metallic materials, low-temperature superconductors. After years hard efforts, products have been exported to global countries and regions include Russia, South Korea, Middle East, South America, Europe and Australia, We won a good reputation in domestic and foreign market. Please contact us for further discussion, Quick response, Best price and In-time services will satisfy you.
  • transportation

    Packing in the factory

  • transportation

    Professional & Efficient Transport Team

  • transportation

    Transport to Specified Port and Ship on Time

Transportation method
  • Before transportation, the canisters will be accurately fixed in the trough at the container mouth, and covered with a plug and lock cover.
  • When transporting by car or train, it is necessary to keep it upright and secure it with a belt.
  • When transporting by plane, pack the container in wooden boxes to prevent damage to the liquid nitrogen tank due to air pressure.
After-Sale Services
  • Our products have been issued national production licence and certificate of competency, and have been passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification System and CE certificate. Its excellent quality allows you to worry free.
  • Each product is accompanied by a product manual and a certificate when packed. When the liquid nitrogen tank malfunctions, please call our company's service hotline and we will do our best to provide technical support.
  • Note: If repair or replacement is required, products with complete accessories, as well as product qualification certificates and shopping vouchers with matching numbers, must be shipped.


  • How about the size, technology, qualification and product of Zhongpanxin?

  • How about our company’s share of foreign trade market?

    Sell to Mid East(20.00%),Eastern Asia(20.00%),Southeast Asia(15.00%),North America(10.00%),Eastern Europe(8.00%),South Asia(8.00%),Africa(5.00%),Western Europe(5.00%),Southern Europe(3.00%),South America(2.00%),Northern Europe(2.00%),Domestic Market(2.00%).

  • How about the production processes of our company?

    Zhongpanxin has a complete set of production and manufacturing lines for liquid nitrogen tanks, from aluminum plate cutting and drawing, hydraulic barrel forming, welding neck pipe, welding inner and outer liner, wrapping insulation layer, to vacuum extraction and other processes.

  • How long is the warranty?

    Two-year warranty, five-year vacuum warranty.

  • Procedure after receiving the order?

    We will check the inventory according to the specifications and remarks of the customer's order, and produce according to the customer's needs. The quality inspection department will check the products and confirm that they are intact before packing and transportation.

  • How does our company control quality

    We use high-quality aluminum alloy with low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance to make the shell and inner liner of the liquid nitrogen tank. The neck tube and multi-layer insulation layer are made of the best materials on the market.Before delivery, we will inject a small amount of liquid nitrogen into the liquid nitrogen tank to check whether the low temperature effect and daily evaporation of the tank are normal.When the liquid nitrogen tank is delivered from the factory, we will touch and observe whether the appearance of the container is intact.

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