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Zhongpanxin Liquid Nitrogen Tank Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container-Thank you for your approval

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Xinxiang Zhongpanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. has been adhering to quality first since its establishment. The quality of the liquid nitrogen tank and the static volatilization amount of liquid nitrogen are strictly controlled. The company's products have been covered by universities, research institutes, biology/chemical industry, inspection, food, beverages, supermarkets, metallurgical mines, petroleum exploration and other industries. Strictly implement product manufacturing requirements during the production process and establish a complete quality management system. The products have passed European CE and ISO9001 certification.
 Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container,liquid nitrogen tank,dewar vessels
While expanding domestic sales, we are actively expanding the international market. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Turkey, India, Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand.
A foreign customer of liquid nitrogen tank found our factory and wanted to pass the liquid nitrogen volatilization test before considering whether to buy in large quantities. After getting the sample, the customer will carry out strict tests and weighing every day, after more than 20 days of records. Both the volatilization amount and storage time of liquid nitrogen have reached the customer's satisfaction. Finally decided to purchase from our factory.
 Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container,liquid nitrogen tank,dewar vessels
 Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container,liquid nitrogen tank,dewar vessels
Thank you for choosing our Zhongpanxin liquid nitrogen tank among the vast crowd. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

If you are interested in the Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container,liquid nitrogen tank,dewar vessels or need to consult, please click on our online customer service.Welcome sending your inquiry.
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