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Common problems of using liquid nitrogen in the laboratory

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Question 1. Why be careful with liquid nitrogen
1) Very cold!
2) Because it is too cold, any skin contact will cause severe frostbite.

Question 2. Laboratory liquid nitrogen safety precautions
1) Prevent the ejection of liquid nitrogen
2) This may cause spills and splashes that may come in contact with the skin.
3) Immerse the hollow tube in the container
4) It may splash.
liquid nitrogen tank,Static Cryogenic Container
Question 3. Laboratory safety practices
1) Wear safety gear!
2) The lab coat can save body parts from freezing in case of accidental leakage!
3) Safety goggles are required, but full face shields are recommended.
4) Gloves are also required-low temperature, but leather will be suitable for small-scale applications.
5) Long pants and tight shoes are also necessary.

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