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Does the storage temperature of frozen cells have a big impact on the cells?

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The storage temperature of frozen cells has a great influence on their storage time. Generally, the lower the storage temperature, the longer the effective storage period. For any biological sample, whether it is an entire cell or an entire tissue, the impact of allowing the sample to pass through the glass transition stage and change from liquid to glass is huge. It is important that storage occurs under the glass transition. For intracellular components (proteins, nucleic acids), storage at -70 degrees Celsius is possible.
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Although these samples can be stored at -70 degrees Celsius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) for months or even years, the chemical reaction that causes cell deterioration does not stop completely at this temperature. Samples with temperatures below -130C (-202F) are said to have stopped biological time and may be stored indefinitely.

Therefore, we must control the temperature inside the liquid nitrogen tank to ensure the temperature of the frozen cells.

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