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What are the main methods of freezing liquid nitrogen in the food industry

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The physical properties of liquid nitrogen are relatively stable. Under normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point is -196℃. Once liquid nitrogen vaporizes, the volume will expand by about 647 times. Under normal freezing conditions, the cooling capacity is 383.1KJ/kg, which is one This kind of ideal refrigerant is widely used in the food freezing industry with this characteristic.
Liquid nitrogen freezing food generally adopts three methods: liquid nitrogen immersion freezing, liquid nitrogen vapor blowing freezing and liquid nitrogen spray freezing. Their principle is the same, they use liquid nitrogen spray. In the food industry, liquid nitrogen absorbs latent heat oxygen, and liquid nitrogen vapor absorbs heat and the temperature increases.
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Advantages of liquid nitrogen freezing in liquid nitrogen tank:
1: Fast freezing speed, reducing the sandy taste caused by large ice crystals in ice cream.
2: Maintain the freshness and color, flavor and nutrients of food.
3: The liquid nitrogen tank occupies a relatively small space, is relatively easy to operate, and is relatively convenient to maintain.
4: The cost of freezing with liquid nitrogen is relatively low.

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