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Which type of liquid nitrogen tank should be used to transfer micro specimens

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Many people who use liquid nitrogen beauty tanks have a question, that is, in the case of transferring a small number of specimens, what size cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank should be used is more appropriate, and it can also reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen. The specifics are given below You introduce in detail.
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The following points need to be considered when transferring specimens:
1: First, ensure that the amount of liquid nitrogen is sufficient during transportation;
2: Choose a tank of appropriate specifications, because the amount of long-distance transportation of liquid nitrogen will affect the activity of the specimen.
3: The quality of the liquid nitrogen tank must be guaranteed. If the volume is too large, the quality will not meet the standard will cause a high risk factor.
From our usual experience of using low-temperature liquid nitrogen tanks, we generally use portable liquid nitrogen tanks. There are more tanks of 3 liters, 6 liters, and 10 liters. Therefore, you also need to consider your own conditions and choose a model that suits you.

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