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Liquid nitrogen in edible oil can maintain freshness

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The processing requirements of the food industry are very strict. Therefore, the use of unhealthy products will affect everyone's health, especially the phenomenon of stale cooking oil, which will cause many people to suffer from diabetes and coronary heart disease. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to diet safety.
The principle of the liquid nitrogen preservation function is to use inert gas nitrogen to isolate the air to prevent oxidation, and there is no need to add preservatives and antioxidants, which preserves the taste and freshness of edible oil.
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Judging from the current situation of edible oil, preservation is the choice of edible oil. Therefore, the need for nitrogen-filled preservation technology is one of the health goals of today's edible oil. The Chinese Food Institute believes that the use of edible nitrogen-filled preservation technology does not require any addition Artificial antioxidants are helpful to human health. The whole process is automatic nitrogen filling and capping technology, so that the production is more reliable and the residual oxygen in the headspace of the bottle is guaranteed, so the shelf life of the oil is maintained, thereby improving the nutrition of the edible oil value.

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