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What size liquid nitrogen tank is suitable for bovine frozen semen?

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The bovine frozen semen nitrogen tank is a low-temperature biological container, so it is widely used. It is widely used in cattle, sheep and other animal husbandry. It can be stored in large amounts in semen and can also be used for long-distance transportation. The activity of biological samples is preserved, especially in vaccines, bacterial strains, and cells, but what size should we use for cattle frozen semen nitrogen tanks in livestock?
When bovine frozen semen nitrogen tank freezes animal semen, we need to choose the appropriate volume and caliber, our animal semen will be stored at low temperature for a longer period of time, but we should choose the appropriate caliber for storing cryogenic liquid nitrogen, according to our years. It is known from the operation experience that the nitrogen storage tanks for frozen cattle semen nitrogen are 10 liters and 30 liters, but the calibers are 80mm, 125mm and 210mm. The larger the caliber is, the more we take the animal semen. If storing more semen for cattle, choose a large-caliber cryogenic tank.
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Use details of stored bovine frozen semen:
1: The liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank of the bovine frozen semen is stored by a special person, and the liquid nitrogen is added regularly once a week to prevent the failure of the bovine semen. If frost appears on the outer shell of the liquid nitrogen tank, the frozen sperm should be transferred and stored. During the process of transferring frozen sperm, the time spent outside the container should not exceed 3s.
2: After taking the frozen sperm, the neck plug of the liquid nitrogen tank needs to be covered, and the vertical plug should be kept gently and gently. Do not use excessive force. If it is forbidden to drag on the ground, the handle should be lifted and the tank body should be lifted before moving.
3: The breed, name and batch number of each bull need to be recorded. When the semen is extracted from the liquid nitrogen tank, the residence time of the semen on the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank should not exceed 10s. The retention part of the sperm storage bottle is less than 8cm from the neck tube. The granular semen is 2.9ml 2.9% sodium citrate solution 1-2ml. Thaw at (40±0.2)°C; thaw the semen directly in (40±0.2)°C warm water to thaw, the sperm survival rate of the sperm mirror at a temperature of 38-40°C should not be less than 30%, and the linear movement of sperm per dose The number of semen particles is more than 12 million, and the thin tube semen is more than 10 million. Sperm that meets these standards can be used for sperm.
4: After the frozen sperm is thawed, the sperm motility is not less than 0.35, the sperm recovery rate is not less than 50%, and the sperm deformity rate is not more than 20%, so the frozen semen needs to use a special liquid nitrogen container, and must ensure that the semen is in the liquid Below the nitrogen level, prevent semen from losing activity.

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