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Analysis of the main causes of the explosion of the liquid nitrogen container

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Liquid nitrogen containers are commonly known as liquid nitrogen biological containers, so they are widely used in low-temperature storage of cells, organs, blood, vaccines, etc., but when we use low-temperature liquid nitrogen containers, what small details do we need to pay attention to to avoid the explosion of liquid nitrogen containers? The following is a detailed introduction to us.
Reasons for the explosion:
The quality is not up to standard:
1. In the process of manufacturing stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials used in liquid nitrogen containers, the specifications and quality of the material selection are unqualified, and the conditions of freezing liquid nitrogen cannot be met, and an explosion phenomenon will occur.
2. The liquid nitrogen container is composed of inner and outer bladders. The inner bladder is wound with multiple layers of insulation. The reflective material and insulation material fall off and fill, causing the adjacent reflective material to directly contact the outer bladder. The rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen will cause an explosion.
3. Each valve has a long-term aging phenomenon. During the long-term use of the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, the valves and instrument accessories are not regularly maintained and replaced in time, and liquid nitrogen explosion will occur.
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Too much power:
1. The storage space of the liquid nitrogen tank needs to be in a well-ventilated state. Once the enclosure is too tight, it will cause the indoor nitrogen and nitric oxide concentrations to be too high and an explosion will occur.
2. The liquid nitrogen tank is in an upright state during use. It can not only be stored statically but also transported over long distances. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen tank will cause damage to the insulation layer or other parts under severe collision, and the external environment will vaporize directly, causing an explosion. .
3. Liquid nitrogen is made by air cooling. Vaporization can restore nitrogen. The vaporization temperature of nitrogen rises by 15°C and the volume expands 180 times. When the pressure capacity of the thermometer is exceeded, an explosion will occur.

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