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What happens when you put your hand in a 196℃ low-temperature container

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We did a simple experiment and learned that the fruit in the low-temperature storage tank was taken out of the low-temperature container, and it was easily broken by hitting with a hammer. This low-temperature substance seems very scary and has an irreplaceable position. However, it is still widely used in life, such as cells, vaccines, animal semen, organ storage can be stored in the container.
Liquid nitrogen is a low-temperature liquid and is a non-flammable liquid. Therefore, it is used in food. Liquid nitrogen is a frozen liquid, so it will be dangerous in a closed environment, so it needs to be protected when used. When our hands touched the scene of liquid nitrogen, you found a magical result. Short-term exposure does not cause much harm. If you are exposed to liquid nitrogen for a long time, the entire hand will be frostbite in more than 2 seconds, and even a large bubble will appear. The ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen will freeze the hand for a long time.
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Let’s do a magical experiment. What happens if the body tissues are frostbite? When we conduct experiments, we need to implement safety protection, and a little carelessness will cause burns or joint damage. It is not that experiments with liquid nitrogen have a relatively high risk factor. For example, in the cold storage of vegetables, the effect of freezing will appear under the immersion of liquid nitrogen, and they will break away from the appearance of the original tissue. All are frozen into a solid, and it will become a powder immediately after lightly tapping to form a powder dispersion. Therefore, we should not easily touch liquid nitrogen and put it in the first place.

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