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The purity of liquid nitrogen is divided into several grades

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Everyone knows that liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid, and the content of liquid nitrogen in the atmosphere is relatively high, because 70% of the main component in the air is nitrogen, so the method of obtaining from the atmosphere is relatively simple and easy to separate, plus the liquid nitrogen It is relatively volatile, so it needs a special container for storage in a liquid nitrogen tank.
Food-grade liquid nitrogen is mostly used in liquid nitrogen biscuits, ice cream, used in medicine for freezing, disinfection, anesthesia, etc. but requires high-purity liquid nitrogen for normal use. It can also be used in chemical, metallurgy, electronics and other industries, but liquid Nitrogen requirements are not high.
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According to the purity of liquid nitrogen, it can be divided into food grade liquid nitrogen and industrial grade liquid nitrogen, so it is used in food production, but we need to consider the safety of food, the purity needs to reach 99.999%, usually we use industrial grade liquid nitrogen The purity is lower than the purity of liquid nitrogen in food, so the requirements of different production industries are very different.

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