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Freezing effect of liquid nitrogen on fruit and vegetable products

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Liquid nitrogen is widely used, not only in medicine but also in fruits and vegetables.
Liquid nitrogen freezing technology has been widely used in the freezing of fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, strawberries, banana chips, betel nuts and persimmons. It has a good freezing effect and high product quality. A fluidized fluidized freezing device for liquid nitrogen was studied. The cucumber freezing test found that the effect was very good and the consumption of liquid nitrogen could be saved. During the freezing process of liquid nitrogen, the temperature of cold air has a great influence on the freezing time, dry consumption and quality of green beans. But the cold wind temperature is too low or too high are not conducive to the freezing and industrial production of fruit and vegetable products.
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The results of freezing broccoli in liquid nitrogen show that the freezing time of broccoli is shortened, but as the temperature of cold wind decreases, the time shortening also decreases. When the temperature of cold wind is lower than -40 ℃, the change of freezing time curve tends to be flat, The freezing time at -40 ° C is not much different from the freezing time at -45 ° C. The freezing time in the temperature range of 0 ~ 5 ℃ accounts for 40% of the total freezing time, so the freezing time of 0 ~ 5 ℃ directly determines the final freezing effect of broccoli. Studies have shown that liquid nitrogen is kept frozen at a temperature below -50 ° C during freezing. After the strawberry frozen product is stored in a -26 ° C refrigerator for 9 months, the juice loss rate during thawing can be less than 5.8%, which can keep strawberry well. Nutrition and commodity value.

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