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Application of low-temperature storage tanks in culture, museums and public security departments

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1. Frozen biological specimens
The biological specimens of the Pudong Museum can be kept alive for a long time by using liquid nitrogen freeze-drying method.
2. Frozen animal bank
With the advancement of the era, many animals on the planet are in danger of extinction. A new international measure to protect rare wild animals is the establishment of frozen animal banks. The animal bank collects tissue cells such as semen, eggs, lungs, kidneys, and skin from endangered animals, cultures them into cell lines in vitro, and then freezes them in liquid nitrogen for long-term storage. Once needed, it can be taken out for rewarming at any time for breeding culture and scientific experiments. In 1987, China's first frozen animal bank was built at the Kunming Institute of Zoology. At present, more than 200 kinds of rare animals, such as the sperm and cells of Yunnan golden snub-nosed monkeys, lazy monkeys, have been frozen and stored.
3. Clouds in literary performances
Stage performances and filming, according to the needs of the plot, the liquid nitrogen in the low temperature storage tank is sprayed on the ground, the clouds and mist created by the evaporated nitrogen are more realistic, and there is no stimulation to the actors.
4. Case detection
In case detection, our public security system uses liquid nitrogen freezing method to make the fingerprint of the crime scene appear.
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5. Handling of suspected explosives
When a suspicious explosive is found abroad, immediately immersing it in liquid nitrogen can make it invalid. Large-caliber cryogenic storage tanks are more suitable.
6. Replace small oxygen generator and refrigerator with low temperature liquefied gas
The gas in the nitrogen, oxygen, and argon cylinders used in China's industry mainly relied on small oxygen generators in various places for filling. Due to the low efficiency, high energy consumption, and high gas cost of small oxygen generators, in areas where energy is scarce and large air separation equipment is in place, it has been stipulated that operations should be gradually stopped and replaced by low-temperature liquid vaporization and compression. Due to the good quality and low price of gas in cylinders filled with cryogenic liquid, some gas stations and oxygen plants have purchased cryogenic storage tanks and tank cars to fill liquefied gas.
7. Gas storage and transportation pipelines
Transportation is suitable for the occasions where the area is concentrated, the users are concentrated, and the gas consumption is large. For the occasions where the gas consumption is small and the users are scattered, the cylinder gas supply is mainly used in the past, and it has been replaced by the low-temperature liquid transportation method. Low-temperature liquid transportation has better gas quality than gas supplied by steel cylinders, high utilization rate, safety and reliability, low cost, and high transportation efficiency. At present, in addition to pipe network transportation, more than 90% of the remaining scattered users use low-temperature liquid transportation. In recent years, a number of industrial gas companies specializing in cryogenic liquid storage and transportation and vaporization filling tanks have emerged in cities in China.
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