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Feasibility analysis of liquid nitrogen fire extinguishin

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Liquid nitrogen is a liquid with a temperature of -196 ° C. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and has oxygen-releasing properties. In view of its special physical characteristics, it is generally stored in a special low-temperature storage tank-liquid nitrogen tank. Liquid nitrogen is non-flammable and has oxygen-removing properties. Some studies have included liquid nitrogen in the ranks of fire suppression.
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There must be three conditions for an object to burn. The object can burn; the burning point of the object is reached; the burning object is in contact with air (oxygen). Liquid nitrogen can extinguish fires because when low temperature liquid nitrogen contacts the air, the heat of vaporization reduces the temperature of the nearby air and reduces the ignition point of the burning object; meanwhile, liquid nitrogen has an oxygen-exhausting property and reduces the contact between the burning object and the air. Nitrogen firefighting is feasible.

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