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What are the benefits of nitrogen filling a tire?

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What are the benefits of nitrogen filling a tire?
Nitrogen has been used on tires for more than 20 years. Nitrogen is used on the tires of aircraft, space shuttles, F1 racing cars, exploration vehicles, etc. that require high safety. Formula 1 tires are required to be filled with nitrogen. In recent years, it has been mandatory in the EU to fill car tires with nitrogen.
Nitrogen tire,nitrogen
The benefits of nitrogen filling a tire are as follows:
Nitrogen is an inert gas, which is extremely inactive. Gas molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. Its speed of penetrating the tire wall is 30-40% slower than air, which can keep the tire pressure stable.
Nitrogen has low audio conductivity, which is equivalent to 1/5 of air. Using nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise and improve driving quietness.
Compared with general high-pressure air, high-purity nitrogen has low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, and slow temperature rise because it is oxygen-free and contains almost no moisture and oil. The chance of a flat tire is effectively reduced.
Nitrogen-filled tires have less moisture content, so aluminum alloy rims and iron rims are not easy to rust, corrode, and the tires are not easy to oxidize.
Based on the above 4 points, it shows that nitrogen tires can improve driving safety and comfort, and prolong the service life of the tires.

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