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Tire filling with nitrogen reduces fuel consumptio

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Insufficient tire pressure and the increase in rolling negative force after heating will cause the fuel consumption of the car to increase; while nitrogen can maintain stable tire pressure and delay the decrease in tire pressure, it is dry and free of oil and water, and thermal conductivity The characteristics of low and slow heating, reduce the temperature increase when the tire is running, and improve the grip with small deformation, etc., reduce the rolling resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.
nitrogen,Tire filling with nitrogen
Nitrogen-filled tires can be inflated according to the designed tire pressure, which can reach the fuel consumption index of the automobile design. Experiments show that nitrogen-filled tires are 2-10% more fuel efficient than air-filled tires. Effectively reduce air pollution. Brazilians have practiced that 50,000 kilometers of nitrogen-filled tires still do not need gas. Nitrogen tires are more resistant to wear than air tires. Among tires that were damaged before reaching the tread loss index, nitrogen-filled tires ran an average of 48% more mileage than air-filled tires.

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