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Preservation and thawing technology of bovine frozen essence

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Analysis of preservation and thawing technology of bovine frozen essence
If frozen sperm is improperly stored, including liquid nitrogen submerged frozen sperm and thawing of the sperm without timely insemination of the cow, human factors will affect the fertility rate of the cow.
Cryopreservation of sperm in liquid nitrogen,Liquid nitrogen tank holds sperm
Reduce the vibration during transportation. During the storage of frozen sperm in liquid nitrogen tanks, the liquid nitrogen is generally weighed twice a week, and the liquid nitrogen is added at least 8 times a year, especially in the summer when the liquid nitrogen is added 3-4 times. The liquid nitrogen in the tank must be immersed in the frozen sperm, and the liquid nitrogen tank must be intact. When taking the frozen sperm, the mother's love sperm or the lifter can only be mentioned under the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank. The time cannot exceed 10s. It cannot be completely immersed in liquid nitrogen. For example, when transferring frozen essence to other containers, the container or bag containing frozen essence cannot leave the liquid nitrogen liquid surface for more than 5s.
In order to ensure the effective insemination of cows and correct thawing of frozen semen, use a pre-chilled long-handled tweezers to quickly extract the thin tube of frozen semen from liquid nitrogen and place it in warm water at 35 ℃ -38 ℃ Gently clamp the handle of the barrel before finishing, and move it to the mouth of the barrel during the process of extracting the barrel. Note that the barrel must be 10cm away from the liquid nitrogen tank mouth. The faster the frozen sperm is taken out, the better it must be within 7s. ), Gently shake 4-5 flashes and remove immediately. When transportation is needed, semen should be kept warm and protected from sunlight. It should be loaded into underwear pockets to reach the destination, and the semen should be inseminated to the cow. The frozen semen after thawing guarantees insemination within 3 hours.

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