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What is the difference between -80 ℃ refrigerator and liquid nitrogen preservation bacteria?

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The principle of preservation of bacteria is almost the same, but the biggest difference between low temperature storage is that the temperature of liquid nitrogen is low and the storage time will be relatively longer.
Put the bacteria on the surface of liquid nitrogen for 10 cm, 20 cm away from the tank mouth, do not immerse under the liquid surface, close the lid of the liquid nitrogen tank, will the temperature of the liquid nitrogen change, and what does the temperature change of liquid nitrogen have to do with it?
Liquid nitrogen preservation bacteria,liquid nitrogen
The temperature of liquid nitrogen is related to pressure. If the pressure is high, the temperature will be higher than 77k. If the pressure is small, the temperature will be reversed. When liquid nitrogen is at -196 ° C, the density is 0.8083g / cm³.
How does liquid nitrogen distinguish mass?
Liquid nitrogen is colorless and tasteless. The quality of liquid nitrogen may depend on whether others use liquid air as liquid helium. The temperature of liquid helium is higher than liquid nitrogen.

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