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Application of liquid nitrogen heat dissipation function

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Today I am here to introduce the use of liquid nitrogen for heat dissipation and improve your understanding of liquid nitrogen. Now, please take a look with me.
1. CPU cooling: When cooling CPU, if you want to get very low CPU temperature, the most direct way is to use liquefied gas for cooling. The most difficult gas to liquefy is helium, which can provide a temperature close to absolute zero when volatilized, but it is a rare gas that is only relatively abundant in the earth and exists in hot springs and radioactive minerals on the earth.
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2. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy: Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a new technology in the field of modern therapeutics. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a comprehensive effect of cryobiology. Normal cells can undergo irreversible damage when they are extremely frozen. It is through the extremely frozen state, the cells in the ward are quickly killed, so that the ward is restored normally. Generally used to treat boils, corns and skin diseases.

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