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What are the accessories of the liquid nitrogen tank?

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What are the accessories of the liquid nitrogen tank?

Bucket, Basket

Made of stainless steel, the glass rod is wound with a low temperature resistant glass fiber cloth in the middle, which can prevent the conduction of liquid nitrogen and is easy to take. This series of products has a multi-layer square lifting cylinder, which has a large capacity for storing samples, and is equipped with a square stainless steel box, which is specially designed for the storage of biological colleges and hospitals.

Lock cover, protective cover, cover plug

Lock cover: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, liquid nitrogen resistance and low temperature resistance, and can prevent frost cracking and frost avalanche. It consists of two parts: an upper flip cover and a lower flip cover, which can be locked by the user (the lock can be purchased by the user separately), which is conducive to the safe preservation and management of biological samples stored in the container.

Protective cover: not only increases the anti-bump protection of the product, but also facilitates the user to carry it manually.

Cover stopper: Made of plastic with good thermal insulation properties to stop the evaporation of liquid nitrogen and secure the handle of the pail.

Foot operated liquid nitrogen pump

Some customers want to transport liquid nitrogen from the container to a certain space or material for cooling when using liquid nitrogen. If they directly purchase a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container, they feel that the capital is too high. In order to solve this small amount, The problem of high cost, our company grandly launched the liquid nitrogen pump to meet the requirements of customers.

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