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Various problems and solutions in the use of liquid nitrogen

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Various problems and solutions in the use of liquid nitrogen tanks

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Instructions for use and their precautions:
Liquid nitrogen biological container products are divided into two types: storage and transportation. The storage type container is mainly used for static storage of indoor liquid nitrogen and frozen articles, and cannot be used for vehicle transportation. In order to meet the transportation conditions, the transportation type container has a special shockproof design, and Rong Lu can be stored still outside, and can also be charged. It should be transported under liquid nitrogen conditions, but collision and severe vibration should be avoided.
If the container is filled with liquid nitrogen indoors, please pay attention to open the door and window to prevent serious oxygen deficiency in the operating environment.
New containers or containers that have been thawed and rewarmed must be filled with a small amount of liquid nitrogen pre-cooled before use, and adhered to near heat balance (not severely vaporized) and then filled with liquid nitrogen. When filling liquid nitrogen, a pump or a long tube funnel should be used. The filling tube should be inserted close to the bottom of the container, and a gap should be left in the middle of the container to allow nitrogen to drain. The level of the liquid injected into the container must not exceed the plane of the lower end of the neck. Avoid contact with liquid nitrogen in the operation to avoid frostbite.
2 to 3 hours after the container is first frozen, it is recommended that the user implement a special person to regularly observe whether there is condensation or frost on the outer surface of the container. If these two conditions occur, the vacuum of the container has deteriorated. The liquid nitrogen in the container is caused to evaporate in a short period of time, and the container cannot be used normally. Although the probability of this phenomenon is small, it may be due to failure to load, unload and transport according to product requirements, but this observation is necessary to avoid the loss of frozen goods.
Please note that the container casing has been subjected to the atmospheric pressure of the use and transportation environment. In the event of serious collision or heavy pressure during use or transportation, the surface of the container casing will be sunken, resulting in damage or failure of the product.
The container is designed for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen. It is strictly forbidden to hold liquid oxygen.
The inner tank of the container is in a normal pressure working state, and it is not allowed to use the method of inflating or pressing or sealing the mouth of the container at will.
The neck tube is the passage for liquid nitrogen and frozen items. Do not scratch the tube wall when using it.
The vacuum sealing joint of the container is a key component for maintaining the vacuum of the sandwich layer. Once damaged, the vacuum of the sandwich interlayer will be deteriorated immediately, and the product cannot be used continuously. Therefore, the user should not open the vacuum sealing joint of the container without authorization.
container nitrogen liquid,ln2 tank,liquid nitrogen cylinder
Check the storage volume of liquid nitrogen in the container. You can use the weighing method. You can also use the method of inserting liquid nitrogen into the liquid nitrogen and the bamboo rod to see the frost height (liquid level). Do not insert the hollow tube to avoid the noodle from the tube. Rushing out of the splash hurts people. Pay attention to the timely replenishment of liquid nitrogen during use. When the liquid nitrogen is replenished to the container, the height of the liquid level should not be higher than the lower end plane of the empty neck tube. When handling and handling frozen items, please take care to handle them gently.
If the container needs to be cleaned, first wash it with a neutral detergent and rinse it off with warm water not higher than 50 °C. After washing, the liner should be dried (preferably hot air, the temperature is not higher than 50 °C) and cooled to normal temperature, then filled with liquid nitrogen.
container nitrogen liquid,ln2 tank,liquid nitrogen cylinder
Do not open the container vacuum seal joint without authorization.
Storage containers should not be used for in-vehicle transportation when filled with liquid nitrogen or frozen items.
When the container is filled with liquid nitrogen, if there is an abnormal phenomenon such as a large amount of condensed water and frost on the surface of the container, timely maintenance is required.
The container should be placed in a cool, ventilated, dry environment; for long-term storage, please pay attention to check the surface and the outer surface of the container for condensed water and frost.

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