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What are the precautions in the use of liquid nitrogen tanks

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What are the precautions in the use of liquid nitrogen tanks?

Liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in the frozen storage of semen from animal husbandry; the cryopreservation of human organs, skin, blood and cells in the medical and health industry, bioengineering, industrial cold assembly, cold treatment of metal materials, low temperature pulverization and superconductivity are also An essential and essential tool. In the improvement of livestock breeds, liquid nitrogen is the main frozen storage medium for semen and embryos. In actual production, we found that due to the lack of understanding of the characteristics of liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen biological containers by many technicians, the irrational use phenomenon is serious, which is easy to cause waste of liquid nitrogen, increase production cost, and serious may occur. Injury accident. The following precautions should be kept in mind during the use of liquid nitrogen tanks.
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Before using the liquid nitrogen tank for filling, before filling the liquid nitrogen, first check whether the outer casing is recessed or not, and whether the vacuum exhaust port is intact. If it is damaged, the degree of vacuum will decrease. In severe cases, the intake air will not be insulated, so that the upper part of the tank will be frosted, the liquid nitrogen loss will be large, and the value of continued use will be lost. Next, check the inside of the tank. If there is any foreign matter, it must be taken out to prevent the inner tank from being corroded.
Because the heat of the liquid nitrogen tank is large, the first time the liquid is filled with nitrogen, the heat equalization time is longer, and it can be pre-cooled with a small amount of liquid nitrogen medium (about 60L), and then it is full of fullness (if it is not easy to form an ice block) ). In order to avoid the consumption of liquid nitrogen in the future, please refill the liquid nitrogen when there is a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank. Or fill the liquid within 48 hours after using liquid nitrogen.
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In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the use of liquid nitrogen tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon. When infusion, water and frost on the outside of the liquid nitrogen tank are normal signs. When the pressure increase valve of the liquid nitrogen tank is opened to raise the pressure, since the pressure coil is attached to the inner wall of the outer cylinder of the liquid nitrogen tank, the liquid nitrogen tank coil will absorb the liquid nitrogen. The heat of the cylinder is vaporized to reach the target of the boost, and there may be freckle-like frost on the outer cylinder of the liquid nitrogen tank. After closing the liquid nitrogen tank booster valve, the frost point will gradually dissipate. When the liquid nitrogen tank pressure regulator is closed and there is no infusion, the external appearance of the liquid nitrogen tank has signs of water and frost, which clarifies that the vacuum of the liquid nitrogen tank has been destroyed, and the liquid nitrogen tank cannot be used and inherited. Should be looking for liquid nitrogen tank professional manufacturers to repair or make scrap disposal penalties. When transporting liquid nitrogen medium on the road surface of Grade III or below, please do not exceed 30km/h.
The vacuum nozzle on the liquid nitrogen tank, the seal of the quiet valve, the seal can not be destroyed. If the liquid nitrogen tank is not used for a long time, please drain and dry the liquid nitrogen medium inside the liquid nitrogen tank, and then close all the valves to seal.
Before filling the liquid nitrogen medium, the liquid nitrogen tank must be dried with a dry atmosphere to dry the container liner and all the valves and pipes before it can be filled with liquid nitrogen medium. Otherwise, the pipeline will freeze and shut down, which will affect the boosting and infusion.
Liquid nitrogen tanks should be handled with care. When opening the valves of liquid nitrogen tanks, the force should be moderate and not too high, and the speed should not be too fast; the liquid nitrogen tank metal hose and the inlet/drain valve are separately When discussing the unity, you can't over-tighten it with a big force. It can be sealed with a slight force in place (the ball head layout is easy to seal), so as to avoid the liquid nitrogen tank from being twisted or even twisted. Hold the liquid nitrogen tank with your hands.

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