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What is the principle of storing liquid nitrogen in a liquid nitrogen tank

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What is the principle of storing liquid nitrogen in a liquid nitrogen tank?

Liquid nitrogen comes from the air. The main gas components contained in the air are divided into oxygen and nitrogen. Among them, nitrogen accounts for about 78.09% of the air. Liquid nitrogen is liquefied nitrogen. Due to its ultra-low temperature, physical properties, expansion, and asphyxiation, it is often used in industry. Moreover, the application fields of liquid nitrogen are becoming wider and wider, and liquid nitrogen is a special industrial product.

Due to the particularity of liquid nitrogen, good preservation is required. The function of the liquid nitrogen tank is to preserve liquid nitrogen and reduce volatilization. Therefore, no matter the size of the liquid nitrogen tank, it has the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance, sturdy and durable, and easy to use, so as to better meet the needs of use.