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Why Choose Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Container As Cryogenic Sample Library

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Liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used in the biomedical field. For example, vaccines, cells and animal organs can be easily immersed in liquid nitrogen tanks, which is conducive to maintaining their activity. It is more appropriate to choose low-temperature liquid nitrogen containers. Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank
Why choose cryogenic liquid nitrogen container as cryogenic sample library
product advantages:
1: Liquid nitrogen can maintain the activity of cells.
2: A large number of cells can be stored, and tens of thousands of cryopreservation tubes are no problem.
3: The volatilization rate of liquid nitrogen is relatively low, and the utilization rate is relatively high.
Technical advantages:
1: The accuracy is relatively high, the high-precision sensor used, the liquid level accuracy of can reach 5mm.
2: High sensitivity, can prompt an alarm to prevent insufficient liquid nitrogen.
3: Storage type: immersion type at minus 196 ℃ and gas phase storage type at minus 190 ℃. Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank
cryogenic liquid nitrogen container
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