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How To Safely Add Liquid Nitrogen To A Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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1. Before filling the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank with liquid nitrogen, the customer must accept the hands-on safety education and training and obtain the qualification to be authorized to enter the oil supply system software.
2. It must be filled with liquid nitrogen by an elite team of at least two qualified staff, and it must not be involved in the filling process when you are tired.

3. In the operation process, you must master the operation process and the safety FAQ, and carry out the system software strictly in accordance with the standard operation process, without changing all the defined standards.
4. Appropriate maintenance of machinery and equipment should be used during the filling process, such as rubber gloves, protective glasses, and if the mask leaks, the earmuffs can avoid cold touch burns. Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank
5. Prepare the RF connector in advance before recharging. It is not necessary to touch the surface of the gate valve and the vessel, and it is not necessary to stand in the position of the exhaust pipe during the filling process. You must watch all the online recharge process can not leave. If there is anything abnormal, please stop the filling and report the situation to the ultra-low temperature team immediately.
6. If the pressure must be relieved during the re-grouting or shrinking process, you must adjust the regulator. *First turn off the regulator and turn on the switching power supply followed by reducing the gas, turn on the regulator again and adjust the total flow to match the desired working pressure. When the AC voltage stabilizer is gone, it is not allowed to turn on the reduced gas source and turn it on. The pressure must be relieved after applying high pressure equipment.
7. The interior of pipelines, gate valves, instrument panels, regulators and gas pipelines should be kept clean so as not to pollute the environment with oil or residues.
8. The pressure vessel cannot be connected to the liquid nitrogen filling system software. The liquid nitrogen container must have a valve whose working pressure is set below 2kg/cm2.
9. Before safety, the remaining working pressure of the liquid nitrogen container must be lower than 0.5 bar for refilling and running.

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