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Sample Storage In Liquid Nitrogen Container

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The liquid nitrogen container is mainly used to store liquid nitrogen. The low-temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen are used to store specimens or cells to maintain their activity, but generally, the storage of specimens in a liquid nitrogen container requires a bucket or basket.
Bucket: It is used to store items, samples, cells, animals, etc. that need to be frozen or refrigerated. After the liquid nitrogen tank is filled with liquid nitrogen, the items to be frozen or refrigerated are put into the bucket, and the barrel is put into the liquid nitrogen tank to be refrigerated and frozen. Generally, there is a hole in the bottom of the bucket, and the user does not need to worry about the liquid nitrogen being lifted out together when taking out the bucket.
Sample Storage In Liquid Nitrogen Container,dry shipper,LN2 tank
Basket: The basket is generally divided into 4 or 6 layers. It is drawer style. You need to put the cryopreservation tube in the drawer's small box and plug it into the drawer to prevent the drawer from falling off. In liquid nitrogen. Then hang the basket in the card slot of the tank to ensure that the sample to be frozen is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen, otherwise liquid nitrogen needs to be added. When using the sample, simply lift the basket.
Note: Care must be taken when handling the bucket or basket to prevent the liner of the liquid nitrogen container from being scratched. Once the liner is damaged, the life of the liquid nitrogen tank will be damaged and the insulation effect will be invalidated.

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