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Why is there a hole in the bucket on the liquid nitrogen tank?

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Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of low-temperature vacuum container. When we use it normally, it can store biological samples. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. It is widely used in animal husbandry bureaus, laboratories, scientific research institutes and other industries. However, the buckets on the liquid nitrogen tank are divided into In order to distinguish between holes and no holes, why is this?
The bucket of the liquid nitrogen tank is the main accessory of the liquid nitrogen tank. When it is used, it is mainly used for freezing or refrigerating items, cells, and animal semen. When our container is filled with liquid nitrogen, we need to put the frozen or refrigerated items into In the pail, but storing the biological samples requires the use of a pail with holes, so as to ensure the activity of the biological sample, and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon that liquid nitrogen will be raised when the pail is raised. The non-hole pail is mainly used to take and put liquid nitrogen. When we use liquid nitrogen, we can use the non-hole pail when a small amount of liquid nitrogen is needed.
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Details of the use of liquid nitrogen tanks:
When using the bucket to store frozen semen, you need to raise the bucket slightly, parallel the liquid nitrogen tank to the center of the liquid nitrogen tank, and then move it up naturally, but the action needs to be rapid to prevent excessive force from causing the lifting. Damage to the handle of the bucket will cause the handle to fall off, which will cause the inconvenience of removing the bucket. After the bucket is used, the handle of the handle should be hung on the indexing plate, and then the neck plug should be covered. That's it.

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