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How long is the annual inspection time for liquid nitrogen cryogenic liquid storage tanks

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Liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage tanks are mainly used to store liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen forms a liquid state in a low temperature environment. Therefore, nitrogen is usually a colorless and odorless gas. But many operators who use cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tanks do not know whether they need regular annual inspections?
The specifications of liquid nitrogen tanks are generally from 2 liters to 100 liters. They do not need to be pressurized during use. Therefore, this type of container does not require annual inspection. For a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank or a pressured liquid nitrogen tank with a level gauge installed on the upper part, this main component needs to be inspected every year. If the annual inspection is not carried out, it may affect the normal use of the liquid nitrogen tank. During the normal use of atmospheric liquid nitrogen tanks, it is necessary to check whether there are water droplets or frost on the cap and upper part of the tank every day. The daily increase and loss of liquid nitrogen is gradually increasing. It needs to be observed at all times to prevent the loss of liquid nitrogen and damage storage. Of the substance.
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The normal service life of the liquid nitrogen storage tank produced by Zhongpanxin is about 5-8 years. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out daily maintenance work on the liquid nitrogen tank. When the liquid nitrogen tank is usually operated, water will accumulate inside, and it may also be colonized. In the container, the semen flowing out of the handle will be mixed into the liquid nitrogen, but if it is not cleaned for a long time, the inside of the container will be corroded to a corresponding degree.

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