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Precautions for Sperm Storage in Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

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Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of low-temperature container, which can store a large amount of cells, vaccines and animal semen in an environment filled with liquid nitrogen, so it is widely used in laboratories, animal husbandry and other industries, but is it okay to buy liquid nitrogen tanks for storage? What details should we pay attention to in the process?
Animal semen is in a low-temperature container and is in a state of stopped metabolism. Therefore, it is in a static state under a liquid nitrogen environment. When the temperature rises, the semen can regain the ability to fertilize. The sperm can survive for 12 hours at normal temperature. The sperm cannot survive under the condition, but with the addition of cryoprotectants, the sperm is in a state of water and electrolyte balance. The low temperature of -196℃ can inhibit or normal sperm metabolism, and keep the sperm's own energy from being consumed, so the sperm is in a state of long sleep. According to our relevant data, the survival rate of sperm after thawing can reach about 80%.
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Precautions for freezing animal semen:
1: During transportation, we need to handle with care to prevent the container from colliding, especially the protection of the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank.
2: Place in a cool and ventilated place to minimize the number and frequency of opening the can.
3: Add liquid nitrogen regularly, and make sure that the height of the liquid nitrogen is higher than the height of storing semen and other organisms.
4: Do not lift the bucket of frozen semen out of the mouth of the tank when taking and placing frozen semen, only raise the base of the tank neck. If it is not completed within 10s, the bucket should be put back, and after soaking in liquid nitrogen Then continue to lift and use.
5: The liquid nitrogen tank for storing frozen semen should be cleaned at least once a year, and it can be used again after it is rinsed and dried.

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