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Liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers explain how much the liquid nitrogen in the container cannot be lower than.

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The liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of cryogenic container. When we use it normally, the entire cryogenic container can maintain a low temperature of -196 degrees Celsius when it is filled with liquid nitrogen, so it can store cells, vaccines, semen and metal during cold processing, but How much liquid nitrogen can't be lower than the level of our liquid nitrogen tank, the specific technology of Zhongpanxin liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer will explain to us.
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According to our many years of practical experience, when the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen is 1/3 of the entire volume, that is, about a week, you can add liquid nitrogen again. If you wait until the liquid nitrogen in the container is exhausted, fill it again Liquid nitrogen, the temperature in the tank will rise slightly, because the temperature of the container will return to normal temperature when there is no liquid nitrogen. Therefore, it needs to be pre-cooled when refilling with liquid nitrogen, which will cause the waste of liquid nitrogen. Normal containers When the remaining amount of internal liquid nitrogen is 20%, it can be filled again. In order to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, when there is still a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the container, it needs to be filled again, that is, the liquid nitrogen can be filled again within 48 hours after the liquid nitrogen is used up.
According to relevant data, when there is a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank, the temperature of the entire cryogenic tank can be maintained at -130℃ to -190℃. With the continuous consumption of liquid nitrogen, the temperature in the tank changes slightly. The internal temperature can still be maintained below -130°C.

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