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Can the liquid nitrogen tank be placed with the refrigerator?

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Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of low-temperature container. It needs to be placed in a ventilated and cool place during normal use. It cannot be stored under direct sunlight. Whether it is stored or used in normal times, the liquid nitrogen tank cannot be tilted, placed horizontally, inverted, or stacked. Or the impact phenomenon should be kept upright, but can the liquid nitrogen tank be placed with the refrigerator?
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1: It is strictly forbidden to put debris on the neck plug of the liquid nitrogen tank, which will affect the normal volatilization of liquid nitrogen. You cannot use a self-made neck plug to block the tank mouth without permission to prevent excessive pressure in the liquid nitrogen tank and damage the tank body and affect the safety of the equipment .
2: To reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, try to put it on a firm support above the ground to prevent the tank from being damp for a long time. As long as the environment is ventilated, the volatile liquid nitrogen can be discharged normally, and it cannot be stored in a sealed space to prevent the temperature of the liquid nitrogen from being higher than the liquid oxygen, and the operator will become unconscious.
3: When transporting the liquid nitrogen tank, prevent the tank from jolts and vibrations, and try to fix the biological container as much as possible to prevent the liquid nitrogen tank from being damaged and affecting normal use.
4: During normal use, the upper and lower temperatures of the tank body need to be the same. When we remove the neck plug, the mist at the mouth of the tank sinks, the upper part of the tank body sweats or frosts, and the upper part is cold and the lower part is hot and the tank body is touched by hand. There are frequent air bubbles inside, indicating that our tank has quality problems and should be stopped immediately.
Through the above detailed introduction, the liquid nitrogen tank can be put together with the refrigerator, and there is no inevitable connection between them. As long as the storage space is in a natural ventilation state, it does not affect the discharge of liquid nitrogen in the closed space.

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