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Cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers analyze leak emergency treatment methods

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Liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and volatile liquid. The temperature is -196℃. When we operate normally, the temperature is very low, and skin frostbite is very easy to occur. But what should happen when the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen container leaks? The treatment is more appropriate, let us explain the whole treatment method by the professional technology of the liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer.
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Treatment of liquid nitrogen leakage:
When the concentration of oxygen inhaled by the operator is not high, the patient will experience chest tightness, shortness of breath, and weakness, so there will be irritability, extreme excitement, and follicles. In severe cases, coma will occur. The liquid nitrogen content in the operating environment can be seen The hazard to the operator caused by too high.
1: Operators quickly evacuate the contaminated area, set up isolation areas, and restrict other operators from entering and exiting at will.
2: Prevent leaked liquid nitrogen from flowing into the basement or closed work space. In serious cases, the relevant department should be notified.
3: The operator of emergency treatment needs to wear positive pressure respirator, cold-proof clothing and cold-proof gloves.

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