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What are the benefits of a large-caliber liquid nitrogen tank

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Large- liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used for the storage of semen of cattle, sheep and animals. The cold treatment of metal materials has a wide range of applications. Therefore, there are several common calibers of liquid nitrogen tanks, including 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 210mm, The size of the stored organisms is different for different calibers, but what are the benefits of the large caliber of the liquid nitrogen tank?
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The industry abbreviation of atmospheric liquid nitrogen tank is YDS. For example, a container with a diameter of 10 liters and 50mm is expressed as YDS-10-50. However, the larger the diameter, the more the amount of liquid nitrogen will volatilize, but there are more scenarios for use, which can be short-term Cryogenic treatment for the preservation of large-volume biological samples, parts and components, large-scale storage of cells in the laboratory or in the medical industry, and storage of animal semen. The advantage of large diameter is that it is convenient to take and place. Our basket or bucket All are numbered for easy storage and identification of samples.
Regardless of whether the caliber of the liquid nitrogen tank is large or small, the main difference is the speed of liquid nitrogen evaporation. The larger the caliber, the higher the volatilization of liquid nitrogen. In the process of use, there is a rigorous excessive impact or collision, and the inner and outer tanks of the container are in a vacuum state. Therefore, the rigorous collision during use, once the recessed equipment is damaged, the vacuum cannot be restored again.

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