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Why does the lid of the liquid nitrogen tank freeze up and cannot be pulled out?

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The liquid nitrogen tank is a low temperature container filled with liquid nitrogen, so the temperature of the whole container is -196℃. The main accessories of the whole container include neck plug, lifting cylinder, lock cover and protective cover, but when we use it, What should I do if the lid is frozen in liquid nitrogen and cannot be pulled out?
When storing specimens, semen and cells in a cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank, a cryogenic liquid nitrogen environment is required. If the sample is not taken for a long time, the neck plug will be frozen. If this kind of phenomenon occurs, I dare not pull it out easily and worry about being pulled out. The phenomenon. We can find a screwdriver, use a hammer to hammer in along the edge of the neck plug, and then hammer in multiple positions, and then slowly pull it out. In this way, hammer along the plug for a week, and then gently pull out the plug. After pulling out, there is a large area of ​​ice cubes. We can use a screwdriver to hammer in to solve the situation that cannot be pulled out.
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According to the situation of using liquid nitrogen tanks for many years, it is concluded that the neck plug is made of special materials, and the neck plug has the function of fixing the bucket and reducing the volatilization of liquid nitrogen. Usually, when using liquid nitrogen tanks, there will be rain, and the neck plug will see water. If it encounters a low temperature environment, the neck plug will be frozen and cannot be taken out.

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