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Can the storage liquid nitrogen tank be transported safely in a short distance?

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Aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into two types, which are storage type and transportation type cryogenic containers. The specifications and models range from 2 liters to 100 liters. But can I buy storage type liquid nitrogen tanks for short-distance transportation?
Storage type liquid nitrogen tank: mainly used for long-term indoor storage, and can store liquid nitrogen at low temperature. The symbol is (YDS-10-50, YDS-20-80), YDS represents aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank, 10 and 20 represent the volume of the container, and 50 and 80mm represent the caliber of the liquid nitrogen container.
The transport type liquid nitrogen tank can not only be stored indoors, but also can be transported over a long distance. Because there is a bracket under the liner of the transport type liquid nitrogen container, it can prevent the tank from shaking and stabilize the collision of the tank, so it can not only be stored, but also far away. Distance transportation.
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Large-size cryogenic containers have casters at the bottom. The container is easy to move indoors when there are liquid nitrogen and frozen items inside. Be careful when moving, and do not push or move to prevent collisions. It is strictly forbidden to be uneven outdoors. Move on the ground.
Through the above detailed introduction, the transport liquid nitrogen tank is not only used for long-term storage, but also for long-distance transportation. The storage type liquid nitrogen tank can be stored indoors and can also be transported in a short distance. As long as the road surface is flat, the storage type liquid nitrogen tank can be safely transported.

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