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Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank liquid nitrogen evaporation rate is very low to save money

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The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank opens the high-pressure valve to vaporize a small amount of liquid nitrogen through the booster pressure. After vaporization, the internal pressure of the container increases. After the drain valve is opened, the gas inside the container can be automatically discharged, and it can also be used for other containers or equipment Refilling liquid is safe and convenient to use.
The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is made of stainless steel and has a vacuum insulation layer structure. The heat insulation is very good. The liquid nitrogen volatilization rate is very low. It is very convenient in operation. Like a 15-liter self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, the evaporation rate is only 2.8 % Is very low, saving costs and expenses, so this type of self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tank is more suitable for customers. The internal structure of the entire equipment contains vaporization and pressurization pipelines. The heat of the entire container shell vaporizes a small amount of liquid nitrogen to generate pressure and outputs the liquid nitrogen. The entire container has safety valves, infusion valves, pressure gauges, and main components of casters. Our self-pressurization The liquid nitrogen tank can not only store liquid nitrogen, but also liquid oxygen and liquid argon.
self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank,dewar tank,dewar cylinders
1: Equipped with double-safety automatic valve, which has the effect of continuous pressurization and drainage.
2: The special ultra-low temperature globe valve is more convenient to operate, durable and beautiful.
3: Design casters with high load-bearing capacity, 4 independent brakes, and the casters are made of rubber material, which makes the movement quiet and stable without noise.
4: The cryogenic infusion tube and related connectors can be customized according to customer needs.

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