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Liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers analyze what is an automatic liquid nitrogen pump

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The literal meaning of the automatic liquid nitrogen pump is the equipment that can automatically take out the liquid nitrogen, but what kinds of automatic liquid nitrogen pumps are there, what is the difference in the process of use, and the performance difference of the equipment is mainly reflected in the liquid nitrogen tank The manufacturer's technology resolves our doubts for us.
There are two types of liquid nitrogen pumps commonly equipped with atmospheric liquid nitrogen tanks, one is a mechanical liquid nitrogen pump, and the other is a foot-type liquid nitrogen pump. The working principle is the same, and the liquid nitrogen is output and transported from the container. Go to another space or material to cool down. The main distinction is the mechanical automatic output of liquid nitrogen. The foot pedal is a man-made controllable instrument.
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The composition of the liquid nitrogen pump is:
1: Liquid nitrogen tank
2: Liquid nitrogen pump
Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank:
In the storage of stem cells, blood, and semen in large laboratories, the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank can be used to automatically replenish the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank, so there is no need to worry about biological samples losing activity even when there is no one. Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, also known as liquid nitrogen supply tank, is widely used for storing liquid nitrogen in the laboratory. The working principle is that a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the container vaporizes to generate pressure, so that the container automatically discharges liquid, thereby achieving the effect of replenishing liquid nitrogen for other containers . Moreover, the entire equipment has casters for easy movement during use, so it is widely used for liquid nitrogen storage and liquid nitrogen replenishment functions in laboratories or chemical industries.

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