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Stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers share how to store laboratory liquid nitrogen

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Liquid nitrogen is a low-temperature liquid with a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. It is a colorless and odorless liquid. During normal storage, a low-temperature container is required to maintain the liquid state, but how to store the liquid nitrogen in our laboratory is safer , The following are experienced persons from liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers to give you a detailed explanation.
Stainless steel liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks and cell bank specimen tanks. Their uses are slightly different. Self-pressurized tanks are used to store liquid nitrogen, commonly known as liquid nitrogen supply tanks, which can normally input and output liquid nitrogen. The efficacy of liquid nitrogen. The cell bank liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used to store cells, samples, semen, cells and other substances, with a large storage capacity, and the entire cryogenic container can maintain a constant temperature for organisms. Even if the cryogenic container is opened, the entire container will not affect the internal temperature. Therefore, these stainless steel tanks are used in laboratories, medical and animal husbandry industries.
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Use small details:
1: During the use of stainless steel tanks, the heat of the tank itself is relatively large. When filling liquid nitrogen, the container needs to be pre-cooled, and then slowly filled with liquid nitrogen to prevent ice blockage.
2: During the infusion process, water or frost appears on the surface of the container. When the booster valve is opened to boost the pressure, the booster coil and the outer cylinder wall are attached to each other, and the liquid in the coil will absorb the outside The heat of the cylinder is vaporized to achieve the purpose of boosting pressure, so there will be spot-like frost on the outer cylinder. After closing the valve, the frost will slowly dissipate.

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