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Practical operation of putting liquid nitrogen into biological liquid nitrogen tank

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Biological liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used to store liquid nitrogen. Only in the environment of liquid nitrogen can the biological activities such as cells, specimens, samples, bacterial species, etc. be better protected, but when we use biological liquid nitrogen tanks How to put liquid nitrogen reasonably?
Liquid nitrogen is produced by fractional distillation of industrial air. After air purification, it is liquefied by pressurizing and cooling. The principle of separation is to easily separate liquid nitrogen according to the difference in boiling point, but the liquid nitrogen needs to be kept in a liquid state. In the cryogenic biological container, the atmospheric pressure liquid nitrogen tank we usually use can use the leak-proof lifting cylinder to move to the center of the tank with the help of the non-leaking lifting cylinder. Do not hit the neck tube for a long time. The collision will affect the vacuum performance of the liquid nitrogen tank. When filling the liquid nitrogen tank, we need to go to a professional liquid nitrogen gas company to fill it.
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When filling liquid nitrogen, it is necessary to check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon on the outside of the tank body, whether there is a dent on the outside of the tank body, and there is foreign matter on the inner tank of the tank. The liquid nitrogen can be filled normally after inspection. Carry out in a ventilated environment to prevent the lack of oxygen to the operator due to the lack of indoor air.
1: The biological liquid nitrogen tank can only store liquid nitrogen, not other liquids at will.
2: If it is not used for a long time, the liquid nitrogen in the biological liquid nitrogen tank needs to be discharged and dried in time.

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