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What is the scope of application of aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen container

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Aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen containers are aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen barrels. This type of low temperature container is made of aluminum alloy, and their inner and outer tanks are made of this material. They are easy to carry during use, so the scope of application is very wide. Which fields are used in specific, let me explain in detail below.
Scope of application:
1: Active preservation of biological samples.
Vaccines, strains, cells, etc. are immersed below the liquid nitrogen surface of the liquid nitrogen tank, and can maintain their activity for a long time under the environment of liquid nitrogen, and they can be thawed when used.
2: Animal/human semen storage.
Storage or long-distance transportation of livestock or human semen.
Aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen containers, liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank,semen tank
3: Food industry
Maintain the freshness and taste of food without deterioration over time.
4: Cryogenic treatment of metal materials and accessories.
The cryogenic liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment can change the characteristics of the metal, improve the hardness and strength of the metal material, and the metal has a stronger wear resistance.
1: In the case of a new tank purchased, it usually takes 48 hours to return to normal when filling liquid nitrogen. The high-quality liquid nitrogen tank returns to normal in 12 hours, reducing the volatilization rate of liquid nitrogen. New tanks need to be pre-cooled and then filled slowly to prevent ice blockage.
2: The liquid nitrogen tank can only be filled with liquid nitrogen. If the liquid nitrogen tank is not used for a long time, the liquid nitrogen in the container needs to be drained and cleaned, and all valves are closed.

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