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Parameter explanation of YDS-100 liter transport liquid nitrogen tank

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For the 100L liquid nitrogen storage tanks, they are used in large-scale animal husbandry frozen semen and laboratory cell storage industries. The specifications are relatively large and there are more organisms stored. Therefore, customers who use large quantities will choose containers of this specification. The operation is more convenient during the process.
100l ln2 container,semen tank,cell storage dewar vessels
Parameters of YDS-100B:
   Model:            Volume       Caliber        Static storage time
YDS-100B          100L          210mm                140 days
In the field of biomedicine, vaccines, bacterial strains, and cell storage industries, these organisms are usually immersed in liquid nitrogen tanks to maintain their activity. When in use, they can be used normally after being removed and thawed and reheated. The liquid nitrogen beauty produced by us The jar is widely used in the medical cosmetology industry. It can cold treat some freckles and stains. The operation is simple and the effect is quick.

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