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Whether the quality of the liquid nitrogen tank is normal and follows several conditions

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The liquid nitrogen tank is used for the active preservation of biological samples and animal semen, and the cold treatment of metal materials improves the hardness and strength of the metal. These organisms need to be stored in cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks, but how to maintain a high-quality liquid nitrogen tank vacuum state, that is, whether the product quality standards meet the standards, the professional and technical personnel of the liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation.
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Quality follows several key points:
1: When opening the neck plug, the mist will not overflow outside, not sinking.
2: The liquid nitrogen tank with liquid nitrogen has water droplets or frost on the neck plug or the tank mouth.
3: Use your ears to listen for frequent air bubbles in the jar, indicating that there is no problem with the jar.
According to our practical experience, the technology of liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers has popularized the method of replenishing liquid nitrogen. Generally, when the residual amount of the liquid nitrogen container is 1/3 of the container, you can continue to replenish the liquid nitrogen. The common method is to weigh The weight method, one cubic liquid nitrogen is 0.8kg to calculate the weight when the tank is full, minus the existing weight, that is, we should add the weight of the liquid nitrogen.

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