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What is the static storage time of a 2 liter liquid nitrogen tank

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The 2 liter liquid nitrogen tank is a small-size cryogenic tank, which is generally used for short-term storage or long-distance transportation of cells and vaccines, which is more convenient to carry. It can also be used in the beauty industry to get rid of skin diseases such as freckles and warts, but do you know what is the static storage time of a 2 liter liquid nitrogen tank?
Model yds-2-35, the volume is 2 liters, the caliber is 35mm, and the static storage time of liquid nitrogen is 30 days. The weight of the entire cryogenic container is 2.9kg, so we are often used in portable liquid nitrogen tanks because it is simple and convenient to operate. When we fill the liquid nitrogen, it takes 48 hours for the normal container to return to normal, but the high-quality liquid nitrogen tank returns to normal and shortens it to 12 hours. We need to place it in a ventilated place during use to prevent indoor liquid nitrogen concentration. Concentrations higher than oxygen can cause suffocation.
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The professional technicians of the liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer warn everyone that when using the bucket to pick up and place animal semen or cells, you need to raise the bucket slightly to ensure that the bottom of the bucket leaves the base, and then move it to the center of the liquid nitrogen tank in parallel, and then go with it. You can lift it up naturally, but you should not use too much force during the operation, which will cause the phenomenon of breaking or bending, and more importantly, prevent the neck tube from being broken, because the neck tube is used to connect the inner and outer bladder once it is damaged. The vacuum will drop.

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