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Liquid nitrogen tank bucket is a cryogenic storage tool

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Everyone knows that the main function of the buckets of liquid nitrogen tanks is to store frozen tubes, frozen specimens and livestock semen, etc. There are two types of buckets, one is the bucket type, which is divided into non-leakage and leakage, and the other is It is a basket type, with slightly different functions.
Many new users just bought the liquid nitrogen tank and will not use it. They found that there are six buckets in the tank. They don't know how to use it. In fact, they are used to hold liquid nitrogen. It is called liquid nitrogen bucket. Preserving samples, embryos, etc., is generally used in animal husbandry and laboratories. During use, put the samples and test tubes directly into the bottom of the bucket with holes. When we use test tubes, do not use glass materials to prevent them from appearing. Explosion phenomenon. Usually our buckets are fixed on the index plate to prevent buckets and specimens from falling into the tank.
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When a small amount of liquid nitrogen needs to be taken out during use, it can be taken out using a non-leaking bucket, which is easier to operate than holding a can to pour it out.
When using liquid nitrogen tanks, long-distance transportation is required, and transport-type cryogenic containers can be used, because this kind of container has a special shock-proof design standard, which can avoid collision and vibration when it is filled with liquid nitrogen.

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