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Can the liquid nitrogen tank be exposed to the sun

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The liquid nitrogen tank is a low-temperature container, which is mainly used to store biological samples, vaccines, cells, etc. during use. However, the use characteristics of the container can be used only when the liquid nitrogen is contained in the container, but can the liquid nitrogen tank we usually use be exposed to the sun? For this problem, I will give you a detailed explanation below.
When we use the liquid nitrogen tank, we need to observe with our eyes to check whether there is a phenomenon of frost hanging on the outside of the entire container. Once such a phenomenon occurs, we should stop using it immediately. The liquid nitrogen tank container will be accelerated under the sun. The amount of liquid nitrogen volatilized in the container. During normal storage, it needs to be placed in a cool and ventilated place. Direct sunlight is strictly prohibited. The main reason is that the container is precision equipment. It cannot be used horizontally, stacked, or inverted when used or stored. It is strictly prohibited to stack heavy objects on the neck plug. , Which affects the normal volatilization of liquid nitrogen, and must be handled gently during use.
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When the liquid nitrogen container is filled with liquid nitrogen, the evaporation amount will return to normal after 48 hours. The high-quality liquid nitrogen container is shortened to 12 hours, and the evaporation loss is very small, which can be reduced by about 50%. The rapid consumption of nitrogen is normal.

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