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Standard for internal structure operation of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container

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The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container is used to store liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and other biological containers for liquid supplement and long-distance transportation, so it is widely used in medicine, food, scientific research, animal husbandry and other industries. The specific working principle is given below Let's introduce in detail.
When we use a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container, we need to open the liquid pipeline discharge valve at the bottom of the self-pressurized container. Liquid nitrogen is discharged through the pipeline through the evaporator at the bottom of the tank for vaporization. After vaporization, the gas enters the top of the tank to provide liquid The internal pressure of the nitrogen tank achieves the effect of self-pressurization. When the liquid nitrogen tank needs to supply gas to the outside world, the pressure in the entire self-pressurized container presses the liquid out through the pipeline to the outside vaporizer, and the liquid nitrogen is released after the vaporizer vaporizes.
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1: When the entire self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container is filled with liquid, the inner tank, valve, and pipeline of the entire container must be dry, so that the normal input of liquid will cause the pipeline to freeze and block, resulting in pressure increase and liquid Normal output.
2: When using a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container, the force when opening each valve should not be too large, and the speed should be slowed down, especially the metal hose and the inlet/drain valve joint should not be forced too hard, so as not to cause the pipe to twist Or the phenomenon of twisting.
The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks produced by us are equipped with dual safety automatic control valves, which have a relatively high safety factor and can achieve continuous pressurization to meet the effect of continuous drainage. The whole equipment is equipped with mobile wheels with high carrying capacity, which is fast and convenient to move, durable and beautiful.

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