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Working principle of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

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The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank utilizes a small amount of liquid nitrogen vaporized in the tank to produce pressure, so that the container can automatically discharge nitrogen, thereby supplementing other containers with liquid nitrogen. It is mainly used for transportation and storage of liquid media , and can also be used as a cold source for other refrigeration devices. It can be equipped with a liquid nitrogen tank monitoring terminal and monitoring software, which can realize the remote transmission of liquid nitrogen liquid level, pressure and other data, realize low liquid level, remote alarm of overpressure, and can also manually remote pressurize and control fluid replenishment. Currently used in mold industry, animal husbandry, medicine, semiconductor, food, low temperature chemical industry, aerospace,military and other industries.
self-pressurized liquid nitrogen dewar tank,stainless steel self-pressuring dewar for storage ,liquid nitrogen cryogenic Aluminium Tank
The main central test of the liquid nitrogen replenishment series is for the storage of liquid nitrogen. It is a new high-performance low-temperature liquid nitrogen medium storage container. It uses a small amount of liquefied gas in the container to generate pressure to make the container automatically discharge liquid, so as to replenish other containers. The design structure of stainless steel can be applied, severe use environment, and reduces the evaporation loss rate. This series of products are all equipped with a booster valve, drain valve, drain valve, pressure gauge, 200 liters and above containers also added rupture disc and muffler structure. In addition, all signals of the series are equipped with four mobile universal casters, which is convenient for the container to use and move in different places.Mainly used in laboratory users and chemical enterprise users for liquid nitrogen storage or liquid nitrogen automatic replenishment.

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